Friday champion gets tiara


We made it! Friday! Woot! If you are ever looking for my cubicle- look for the tiara that Miranda made me. Can’t miss it.

After my grumpy revelations about car culture, I got some sleep and settled in to work and home. Unfortunately my meeting docket made it impractical for me to attend the rally for a park in Greenpoint yesterday. Although I am committed to reading and public libraries, I am a bit more fired up lately about ecology and reclaiming public space.  Mussels! Oysters! Wading birds! Clean air! 

Also, I’m still mulling over Mrs. Frugalwoods’ post How I let go of caring what other people think which inspired some of my post about not fitting in. Why do grown women have to think so deeply about what shoes they wear to a meeting? What happens if we stop? MMM’s approach is to build an alternate community where different choices are mainstream. 

I’m reading a great book about New York Harbor (which I will likely review on my travel site this weekend) called Heartbeats in the Muck. We have come a long way in a short time, turning our attitude around about how we treat our local waterways. There is much more to be done, but it is no longer acceptable to use the river as an open sewer or shoot sharks in the Gowanus Canal. I’m eager to get out on the water with the Boat Club. Last summer I got caught up in a new job (and I was scared of paddling with strangers) but this year I will not be deterred.

Happy Friday!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

2 thoughts on “Friday champion gets tiara”

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my post–I really appreciate it. That mindset has definitely brought about a more liberating, enjoyable way to live for me. And, I’m a big fan of the MMM forum community 🙂

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