Kelly kettle – new travel gear

image of a kelly kettle
hobo stove and kettle combined

My untested trekker kettle arrived last week. After an earlier incident (when I melted his parents’ new picnic table with my homemade ultralight catfood can stove two years ago) Nick was unwilling to participate in testing the kettle this weekend in our local park. Also it was very hot so the idea of a cup of tea was not particularly appealing.

The kettle was invented in Ireland a hundred years ago and shows that 20th century European “if you hurt yourself with this it is your fault” approach to design. I’m definitely going to hurt myself. That central hole is a chimney you can add more fuel through or roast marshmallows over. The handle looks like a severe burn waiting to happen and in order to pour you have to pull the chain (presumably very hot) and angle the flames and boiling water away from any tender parts. I’m sure this is all made more challenging by being bleary eyed from sleeping in a tent or exhausted from hiking all day.

But I love it! I love a challenge and on my recent camping trips obtaining boiling water for coffee in the morning was a real challenge. Scott made his own awesome hobo stove for our Maine trip, but after the incident I wanted a professional model.

Sustainability bonus- this is designed to run on locally available fuel- pinecones twigs etc. so in theory you don’t need to carry heavy flamable fuel with you when hiking or worry about running out or finding the proprietary fuel canisters or pellets. This is a backcountry stove.

So all my hiking meal planning is based on boiling water. Supplemented with a jar of peanut butter. And I got the stove for $62 including shipping from the “discontinued because made with rivets that we changed for merely cosmetic reasons not because some American threatened to sue us” section.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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