Pantry Pilgrimage: Marmite (UK)

  I first tasted Marmite when I was thirteen on a summer school exchange trip to the countryside near Totnes, Devon. My passion for it developed on my Junior Year abroad in York, and whenever I want a cheap mental trip back I can spread butter (or Olio!) and marmite on a piece of cold toast or limp “whole meal” bread with a strong cup of Yorkshire tea and imagine the tiny kitchen I shared with the “freshers” at Vanbrugh college. British students have a grand system of sustenance-pot noodle, spaghetti bolognese and fish fingers. Marmite is the one that stuck for me. It used to be unusual to see in US shops and I would buy some in the UK, but here in Queens I can buy it in most groceries. 

What to read while on your culinary journey: The book that inspired me to go to York for my JYA was Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson. And all the british children’s lit my mother and grandmother had shared with me as a child. Classic anglophilia begun from the Beatrix Potter themed baby breakfast set I used until I was 20. P.S. while going on my mental journey,I note the coordinates of Potter’s studio for my someday real UK Coast to Coast walk starting in the Lake District.



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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