Slow Travel Trip Report 8/15/15: Appalachian Trail Delaware Water Gap to Mohican Outdoor Center Part 1, Facts

Not Slow Enough- Slow Travel Learning Curve


Where I went: Delaware Water Gap, PA to Mohican Outdoor Center, NJ

Trail: Appalachian Trail 10.3 miles out, Return trip via red blazed Coppermines trail down to Old Mine Rd- approx 13 miles.

Distance: 84 miles by bus on Martz Trailways, 10.3 miles on foot day one, 13 miles on foot day two, 84 miles back by bus

Time: Departed Queens 7:00AM Saturday, Back home for dinner 5:45PM Sunday

Cost: Total $191 not counting items bought in previous years for other trips

  • $66.50 for roundtrip bus ticket NYC to Delaware Water Gap
  • $37.50 for bunk in cabin at Mohican Outdoor Center
  • $25 for Appalachian trail guide to New York and New Jersey including detailed map
  • $12 light weight water bottle
  • $amortized Marmot Trestles 30 sleeping bag ($99 bought 2 years ago, used on several trips since and hopefully will last ten years)
  • $40 adventure pants on sale (bought for the trip but will will wear every weekend until they disintegrate)
  • $10 food. I brought too much, but it made me happy to know I wouldn’t run out. And I thought I’d be hungrier.
  • $free earplugs I found in bunkroom (unopened, I’m not that frugal that I would pick up used earplugs. yet.i think, I wasn’t tested)
  • $free branded mug from work that perfectly fits a packet of ramen noodles with boiling water
  • $amortized to nothing EMS Ascent PL 2500 backpack that I bought more than 15 years ago. The first day I thought it was too old and I needed a replacement, but the second day I repacked with new hiking knowledge and it was much more comfortable
  • $gift collapsible Naturehike hiking pole, worked great, thanks Dad!

Who I went with: Self. Solo.

One Paragraph Analysis: I’m glad this is a slow travel blog. The hike was tough- the Appalachian Trail is extremely challenging in route and trail construction, almost all of my equipment was new and untested, and as much as I told myself to slow down, observe and enjoy I was very goal oriented and wanted to “finish” by 2PM each day so I pushed myself and tore my feet up pretty badly.

Should you go?: Hell, yes! If you have ever read Wild or A Walk in The Woods and thought, I’d like to do that. Or, I want to have a transformative  wilderness experience. Or, someday I’ll hike the Appalachian Trail. Do this first and soon- if you live in the NY metro area it is close and relatively inexpensive (if you factor in not quitting your job to hike for 6 months). If you are like me, the only way to get over a particular obsession is to jump in. After reading a couple dozen books.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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