Central Park: Trip Report 11/11/15

an image of yellow leaves in front of bare black branches
Still plenty of autumn color in the park

Transport: $0 (I used my unlimited subway pass purchased tax free for work) 4 train to 86th st and then the Q from 59th St back home.

Food, Lodging, Entertainment: $0 (I brought a sandwich and flask of tea from home.)

Weather: Very damp but not raining, warm enough for a light jacket.

Recommended: Yes!

With my new camera, I approached the park slower than ever with my eyes tuned toward patterns of light and dark and natural phenomenon.
an image of red berries on a bare branch
Ack, I realize I forgot to identify this tree. I will look it up in my tree book and get back. Cloudy days make for great contrast.
image of polish national hero sculptureHere I am playing with light and dark and composition, I’m out of practice!

image of polish national hero sculptureIs this better?

image of patriotic polish man in front of sculptureAnd then, the wonderful city asserts itself. A young man came up to me while I was photographing the sculpture and asked me to take some pictures of him. For a moment I thought he was an eccentric groom, but he explained it was Polish Independence Day. This is exactly the kind of interaction one hopes for when one is traveling in a new place- learn about the local customs and have a positive interaction with a stranger. I was a bit startled by this wonderful event, and I forgot to ask his name or give him my card, but he said I could post this picture anywhere as long as I stated it was for Polish Independence Day.

Did you have any Veteran’s Day adventures?


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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