Harvest Festival Season

Heath grown hops pulled down in September

We get quite a few chances to celebrate the harvest in the Northeast U.S. each fall. There is agricultural fair season stretching from mid August through the beginning of October, then Halloween, and then Thanksgiving. In my family, we celebrate the fall birthdays in October as well, so we have an extra holiday weekend, this year combined with my sister’s engagement party.

On Thanksgiving we tried the first beer brewed with this season’s hops. And, for the first time, Nick and me were in charge of cooking. It turned out very tasty and we had all the right things.

brined and bathed in butter

I’ve been experimenting with a new diet for the past month but suspended all in honor of the holiday. I believe in the importance of an animal sacrifice on feast days, and in family traditions especially when you are a relatively new addition.

Caper loves the crudite plate
broccoli brussels sprout slaw from a Bon Appetit recipe

I gave up my morning coffee two weeks ago.  I started drinking coffee with my high school boyfriend, unthinkingly adopted his habit, and kept it up for twenty years. It had never occurred to me before to stop, every person related to me mainlines the stuff, and our culture is very supportive of this activity. So far, it didn’t give me a headache to quit, I feel more calm, and I think my breath is a bit sweeter at work. And presumably I’ve saved a few bucks and reduced my carbon footprint. No downside. I drink tea in the morning with Nick so we are still having a sociable time together and I have a morning ritual to perform.

Before I turned thirty I had a solid look around and changed a bunch of things in my life to match my plans for that decade. That’s how I got Caper, my own apartment, a great resume, and a much healthier lifestyle. This year is the 20th anniversary of my graduation from high school and I am also the age my mother was when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I want to speed up and slow down at the same time. There is so much I want to do, yet I want to enjoy every second.

So, we are moving back to Brooklyn and I am slowing down and simplifying my diet, wardrobe and lifestyle. At the same time, I love a challenge, so I am keeping up with my challenging work and absorbing hobbies.

Uncle Johnny with Caper and my knitting (homebrew missing)

Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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