Slow Travel Year End Review and Travel Planning

a picture of all my guide books

Travel Reading

I’ve noted before the pleasures of reading about trips that you have no concrete plans to embark upon. Studying maps, researching transit, watching videos, and sketching out budgets are all a part of my hobby of “traveling.” I spent several happy hours this week on The Man in Seat 61 reviewing all his wonderful information about travel by rail and ferry in Cuba, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the US. This magpie tendency can lead to frustration or even despair as one’s tbd vacation list grows to several lifetimes’ length.

It was in that spirit that I pulled down all these books with the intention of either calendaring the trips or disposing of the evidence. The only one I could actually bear to part with was Slow New Forest, truly an understated destination and one I only picked up because of my extremely troublesome Queen Mary fascination. The idea being that I could bike to the New Forest from Southampton when I arrive in England. As this is unlikely to occur, I donated the book. Or if it does happen, I’ll likely need a more up to date book because it will be the year 2035.


Focus! That is what is needed around here. Which is why I’m a bit sheepish to have just planned a trip to Denver this spring. By Amtrak. In sleeper cars. Note that is not the topic of any of these books. But it will be a fantastic topic to write about for this blog.

Focus more! Commit! Stop cluttering up your mind with more choices!

Resolutions for 2016

  • Go slow
  • Plan as far ahead as possible
  • When in doubt, rest
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Set a good example of sustainability and joy in person and in my writing.



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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