Home is where the Heart is


Can’t wait to get home to see Margery (maker of this beautiful card/ornament) and the rest of my family. I love this map and I love Christmas in the country. We’ll be driving up with Nick’s family and taking the train back. It will be the first meeting between Caper Dog and Zoe Dog. Zoe is a six month old Boston Terrier. I’ll take pictures.

Fifth Avenue is a festive spot to spend the weeks leading up to Xmas if you aren’t in a rush. The warm weather has kept tourists and locals in a good mood and the market in Bryant Park makes shopping fairly effortless.

If I could live in two places at once, I would. New York is growing on me (after 10+ years) as a great place to live a sustainable slow lifestyle. No driving, great farmer’s markets everyday of the week. Access all around the country by public transport. Important work to do with watershed and national park cleanup. Great friends.

And Massachusetts has woods, fields, beauty and wonderful people who I love.



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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