Global Campaign for Kindness

Peach trees in the fog, Heath, MA

The long New Year’s weekend has created a block of time to reflect and plan for 2016, and I have been doing a lot of planning. Feel my joy in planning and quantifying the coming year and keeping everything UNDER CONTROL.

However, my underlying agenda for this year is to slow down in every way. Often, the first step in mindfulness meditation is to watch your breath. The planning process can be just that- observe with kindness the wild horse of your mind as it gallops and skids backward and forward in time. Then you can gently rein it in once it has worn itself out.

Slowing down is the least popular activity on the streets of New York. It is actively discouraged at (all?) work and is culturally unpopular in most groups and settings. We eat fast, we talk fast, we shop fast, we work fast (and hard, and long), we drink fast, we travel fast, and we wonder where the year went.

Zoe dog is either very fast or asleep

Tools for slowing down in 2016

Happy New Year, All! Follow Hearty’s advice and be kind to yourself and everyone else.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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