Discovery: Marine Park

I walked to Parks Steward training walking up Fifth Avenue on a fairly warm evening. All the Xmas displays are still up for the month but the tourists are mostly gone. I experienced strange urges to buy purses and diamonds, enjoyed the spectacle, but was able to make good time from my office to the Arsenal in Central Park.

Things I learned:

  • The troubles of language and communication in bureaucracy are universal and intractable
  • I still want to be a Forest Ranger
  • I can do that through the Stewardship program
  • Did you know that Marine Park is the largest park in Brooklyn???

The wonderful trainer/philosopher/forester who led the group suggested that would be the best place for me to work on removing invasive species and helping restore forest and protect salt marsh. I had no idea that Marine Park was an actual Park, I thought it was neighborhood with an aspirational name. And a library branch.

So next steps are a 3 hour training on caring for my selected site, which I think will be mostly talking about trees and plant identification as well as how to eradicate oriental bittersweet. Probably combined with some marshland safety training. I am very excited.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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