NYTimes 52 Places to Go- St John

annaberg 3


Clickbait with beautiful photos and video.

St. John USVI makes the list at number 4 because there is a proposed disaster of a mall and marina development coming for quiet Coral Bay and the paper is encouraging us touristic monsters to visit before that happens. Which will encourage the developers, no doubt. Or perhaps the writers are sneakily trying to get us to help the islanders protect the bay.

I get drawn into the epic photography featured in this piece and imagine a life where I visit all 52 locations in a year and walk into the fantasy world described and pictured. Luxury but close to people and with an artistic eye. Immersed completely in the beauty of these locations, not for the few instants I focus on the image, but for a whole year and perhaps ever after.


I’m so glad I have this blog and the goal of turning those fantasies into something useful. Last night I attended a Parks department training on how to become a Shorekeeper right here in NYC. I plan to adopt a piece of a local park and work to protect our bay. Start where you are. Long Island once looked a hell of a lot like those sleepy island paradise shots.

This weekend I’ll scope out my site and take lots of pictures.



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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