Marine Park- First Visit 1/9/16

Inlet with goose, ducks, swans, and gulls

Despite the clouds, the day was quite warm and I enjoyed walking the eastern trails and looking at winter waterfowl. I packed a lunch and there are picnic tables and toilet facilities available in the Salt Marsh Nature Center.

Exterior of Nature Center- Closed for the winter, but a great resource in the spring

The trail along the western side of the inlet was closed by a massive pile of fresh mulch. I imagine that the areas most in need of stewardship are along that trail.

Mulchfest- all those Canadian xmas trees get chopped up and used for paths and tree mulching.

From my Parks department training I was looking for degraded wooded areas where local species were being outcompeted by invasive plants. The reason this is suboptimal is because the nonnative species do not provide habitat for wildlife, biodiversity and resilience.

Degraded landscape?

I believe this is what a degraded area looks like. There was a section that had been burned and there was a lot of trash. My next step for stewardship is an onsite training, so I’ll learn more about this soon.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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