Musing: There are no privileged locations

There are no privileged locations. If you stay put, your place may become a holy center, not because it gives you special access to the divine, but because in your stillness you hear what might be heard anywhere. All there is to see can be seen from anywhere in the universe, if you know how to look.

-Scott Russell Sanders

One of my colleagues, Lauren, unerringly recommends books I want to read in her regular blog posts. For the new year, she compiled an epic list of resolution book recommendations. This week I read about a man who ate at all the pizza places in Manhattan and a woman who made one ecologically minded change to her life every day for a year. I love these kind of books, they’re basically romance novels and I can read them in one sitting.

The quote above is an epigraph from the next book on my bedside table- Walking Zero by Chet Raymo about “Discovering Cosmic Space and Time Along the Prime Meridian.” Fits very well with my developing Slow Travel Manifesto and what my father has told me about why he doesn’t feel the need to travel far from his farm. “It’s pretty interesting around here.”



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

1 thought on “Musing: There are no privileged locations”

  1. Because in its stillness you find peace of mind, and heart. And whichever place that might be, it is not different from the universe, because you have it all within you.
    Nice quote and choice of books. Sometimes the simplest things change our perspectives.


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