Forming a good habit

Birthday Pina Colada on Governor’s Island

I’m on my fourth week of daily yoga and although it doesn’t give me the superpowered death defying feeling that riding my bike to work in Chinatown did, I’m very happy with the results and I have no intentions of stopping when the month is up.

Writing, researching and daydreaming have been my habits for a long time and moving toward a more active approach to life has been very fulfilling. Gretchen Rubin has written several enjoyable books on how to be happier and they form a meaningful antidote to competitive, absolutist thinking that can dominate an elite school or high pressure workplace. In a high pressure city.

In addition to my exercise habit, I’ve been bringing my veggie lunch every day to work. Next up, stop complaining. Which means I have to replace complaining with something else. hmmm.



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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