Focus: Why do I have two blogs?

My Daily Yoga app, so satisfying to see those green rows of completed tasks. I am definitely a finisher.

I’m thinking about my habits this month and one of my desired daily activities is posting some writing and photos every day. I was a daily blogger when I lived in Beverly and I loved it. Then I got busy with having a partner, moving to New York, taking over the world etc. and was simultaneously thinking about becoming a travel writer. But my hook was I was going to be a travel writer who didn’t go anywhere

I still think this is a great idea. But it gets in the way of my habit because I have to make a decision every time I write something about whether it is a “travel” piece or a “personal” piece. This is counterproductive because I don’t have a different persona on my travel blog, nor do I have any interest in “monetizing” it. And, the closer I come to my goal of staying local and loving my daily life the same way I love backpacking in Europe, the harder it becomes to differentiate the two.

One thing I could do is import all my “travel” writing to date over here and actually develop a different character for that blog so I would know what belongs there. And it could have a different schedule so I wouldn’t get confused day to day.

But what should I do with slowtravelnyc? Events? Videos? Appalachian Trail the easy way?



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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