Prospect Park Sunday

Friendly and fierce Lion head

I just finished reading Lost Among the Birds by Neil Hayward. The author was a deeply depressed financially independent unemployed biotechnologist who did an accidental big year and broke the American Birding Association record. This means in 2013 he spent the entire year seeing every bird it is possible to see in the US and Canada and he saw more than anyone else ever has. While I loved the descriptions of the birds and the landscapes in which they live, I became increasingly horrified by his refusal to discuss climate change and other bird killing human activities. I understand the need to do something completely different to address destructive mental habits. But what possible greater value is there for the world if you fly 193,000 miles in one year to see birds and gain a large audience by breaking a record but do not use that power for the greater good. pffft.

Now I’ve started on Unseen City by Nathanael Johnson and that is much more my speed (slow.) Start in your backyard and enhance your every observation with research. This morning we walked over in the drizzle and spotted this fairly friendly lion guarding our entrance to Prospect Park. I got a long and wonderful view of the Great Egret flapping and soaring over the lake, so maybe next time I’ll even get a photo.

Caper needs a haircut so she can see the birds better

Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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