Our Backyard

Prospect Park

Despite her serious responsibilities defending our blanket, I believe that Caper enjoys the park time. This Sunday was what I consider the perfect weather and we got out there before noon and read for a while before wandering over to my inlaw’s for lunch and then to a bar for a friend’s wedding reception. A lazy Sunday, but full of activity and sociability. Notable because it is rare for me to pull it off- in the past I might have insisted”but I have to stay inside cleaning!” and then played around on the internet, or “I’m exhausted, I can’t see anyone.” or etc. etc.

I’m logging my time this week, as instructed by this article, to see if there are any patterns I’m missing or complaints I’m holding on to. I know I spend too much time on email at work (and not enough at home.) Are there any other pockets of time I could put to better use?

This week is already zipping past- hopefully we’ll be reading in the park again before we know it.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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