The Strategy of Monitoring

number-six-the-prisoner-26757617-1024-768I am aware that there are computers and apps and watches that are very pleased to track my every movement and give me and my corporate overlords access to my every thought and action. But I’m totally creeped out by that. I watched The Prisoner again this week because the Olympics opening ceremony appeared to me to be Prisoner themed. I am not a number! I am a free man!

So I’m tracking my activities this week on a good old crinkled up piece of paper, divided into tiny little boxes. The good news is that I appear to have lots of boxes! And I’m getting enough sleep, walking my dog, cooking dinner frequently and hitting the yoga mat every day.

What’s missing? friends and family mostly. Those boxes tend to get bunched up into weekends and vacation weeks scattered across the calendar. Once I’m done this little experiment (and our two important family vacations this month) I’m going to plot out a calendar of visits and activities to make sure I’m making time to see my loved ones. Wanna hang out? Set a date and let’s make it happen.



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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