One website for me

photo taken last weekend, way too hot to do anything today but yes I would like it if all my loved ones moved to brooklyn 

I’ve combined my two blogs into one blog so I don’t have to think about where a post belongs. Ideally this could also host anything I want to put on any of the other “online properties” because my main goal of this blog is sharing photos with my dad, Aunt Margery, Jesse Hirsch, Bethany and any other friends out there who still check in here from time to time.

Feels great. Like getting rid of clutter or using up the last of a box of something, online stuff is stuff and needs to be simplified. I’ve watched The Frugalwoods stay relentlessly on message and develop their business plans through their online writing the past two years. But she didn’t have a challenging and meaningful job to satisfy her business dreams. I realized that what I love about my blog is that it is random and messy and follows my interests not my work. It isn’t like a social media profile that others may stumble on or seek out to determine my job prospects or have inflicted upon them in a feed. It is my little corner of things. Next step, remove ads, not that I imagine there are so many popping up but why have them at all?







Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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