Results (busy person’s lies)


The results are in from my time tracking week. And as suggested in this article, I have way more time than I thought. I’m getting plenty of sleep and I have a daily exercise routine and we cook most of our meals at home. Although my commute takes up an annoying tiring and unproductive two hours a day- I knew about that and that’s peanuts to what I spend at work on “email/meetings” (3-5 hours a day!!!) or “recreational TV/Internet” after dinner (another 1-3 hours!)

I have room for improvement at work in shortening meetings and breaking out work blocks from email blocks so I can focus on completing things. I also plan to cut back on some in person meetings and schedule phone calls instead, so I’m not losing time to travel.

At home, I just was in total denial about my screen time. We’ve been watching Bloodline and of course I’m enjoying putting a little time into this blog as part of increasing my writing practice and focus. But the evening hours seem to drift away online. On Sunday I pulled out Twilight Struggle for another attempt at winning the cold war, but we are seriously not smart enough to play that game and after an hour took a nap. It’s still set up on the table because I don’t want to give up and it’s got so many damn pieces.

Friendship is another area for improvement. And communicating with my family. It’s time to schedule regular dates with friends and phone calls home, in addition to regular visits and special occasions. For my personality, a finisher and an obliger, if things are scheduled and shared with others they happen, if not…



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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