Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol UK September 2016

bridge in the distance
bridge up close

On this trip to England, I revisited some spots I had last been to in 1995 when I spent all my high school graduation money on a three week trip. Scott and I booked our tickets with an actual travel agent in Greenfield (where I imagine they still have travel agents to this day). We stayed with my cousins John and Mary outside of Bristol for several days. We slept in bunkbeds recently vacated by their four grown children and I studied the girl guide information on their desks and well loved collection of British 20th century children’s literature with reverence. Their home seemed to foster a much more orderly and comforting way to grow up than I had just experienced in the United States.

I’m so glad Nick and I were able to visit with my cousins on this trip. Our nephew is attending Bristol University so we will be able to return soonish I think. Perhaps Christmas next year?


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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