Chew Magna

John and Mary Spencer and me

Now that I’m back on track (after being derailed by the US election and aftermath) I can get back to writing and sharing pictures from my not at all slow trip to England in September. These are my wonderful cousins in a typically adorable part of their village. You can see the high pavement behind John- the river Chew floods regularly so the village is built high above the road.

One of my favorite bloggers, Matthew Wills, has decided to keep his habit of daily posts about nature and wildlife in Brooklyn but he is annotating them all with political articles and exhortations to the barricades. I encourage my readers (and myself) to pay close attention to both their ecosystem and the forces at work and to slow down. This process will lead to correct, kind, actions. I also realized that the most useful thing I can do right now is take care of myself so that I can contribute as much as possible to the projects I believe in.

countryside of my dreams

Or as I’ve written about before, focus on actions, not outcomes. Today I’m writing, connecting with friends, exercising, and organizing my money and time for the coming week. Reliving my lovely trip to England, prepping xmas cards, knitting a few rows on a sweater. Scrubbing the bathroom. All the fun weekend stuff.

The Village church, Chew Magna

I admire my cousins’ village life immeasurably. It reminds me of lovely Shelburne Falls. Where I will be in less than two weeks for the holiday and I will take more photos, so I should post the England ones quickly!

Rest so you can be strong, friends.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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