Winter solstice – shortest day

Photo actually from late November, inaccurate light

A travel day with a flurry of activity in the morning followed by five hours of dreamy rail time. Then home and lots of walking and taking pictures and sitting by the fireplace. 

Cultivating patience in a rush rush culture is the primary practice for this winter. Think before I daydream, plan before I act. Frugalwoods asked yesterday “what can you stop doing and stop needing” which I like but read out of context can sound like giving up. The idea is instead to give up everything unnecessary and do only what is essential to you. You decide. 

Festive Penn station

I feel lucky to have grown up simply and accustomed to doing and learning for myself. I love deeply the few institutions of my village childhood, post office, library, church, school, farm, hall, cidery, creamery, sawmill, sugar house. The bank, the grocery store, the department store, the movie theater, pizza place and bowling alley. 

So homesick. Almost there. Happy solstice!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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