Book review: Birding at the Bridge by Heather Wolf

After moving to Brooklyn, Wolf picked her patch and stuck with it. She set a goal of seeing 100 species in the new habitat of Brooklyn Bridge Park. No one knew how many there could be, and she has surprised herself by spotting 134 by the time of publication. Happily for readers, she also set herself the challenge of photographing each one. 

Naturally I love this idea- it is so positive and reveals the diversity of nature even in our most urban spaces. What is right in front of you? How can you learn from being grounded? Easily. 

I envy Wolf’s focus. She went to the park every day, several times a day and got to know it in a way no one else did. She shared it first on her blog. 

At this moment my career gets eight to ten hours of my time per weekday and for several years I have focused mostly on that. This blog holds my writing life, and whenever I am on vacation I give it more energy. My writing life is intertwined with my other hobbies, which tend to sleep while I work for money. 

Did Wolf bird while working full-time? It is not mentioned in her book. Either way, it is a lovely collection of city birds and an inspiration to this writer. 


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

2 thoughts on “Book review: Birding at the Bridge by Heather Wolf”

  1. Hi Emily,
    Thank you for your review and kind words about my book! As you pretty much guessed, I was not working full-time during this project! I was developing software and teaching on my own hours. I was so fortunate to be able to devote so many hours to my “urban quest” and I learned so much about birds and other wildlife in the process. Nowadays, I do work full time for and get to bird my patch on weekends and early mornings. Still, I have increased my park count to 141, with recent sightings including a Common Raven and a Cooper’s Hawk. But I know I’m missing some birds while I work! Feel free to email me at hwbirds(at)gmail(dot)com. Would love to connect!

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