More Resolute for Charity

bristol cathedral detail of a carving of a woman’s face 

Oh boy I’m on a roll with posting here for the last month of 2016. Can I keep it up? I say yes! I made so many commitments in my resolutions yesterday I am quite alarmed. Which is the scariest? The one that says I plan to give 10% of my income to charity.

That goal is scary because it’s not something that I know lots of others are doing, and it seems like a braggy thing, or a wasteful thing, or an irresponsible thing. I find it hard to talk about money and it makes me defensive and uncomfortable. But if I am able to have some small amount of perspective, it seems unlikely that I will be laid off or otherwise without income this year, and if my income goes down, I’ll adjust my dollar amount to match the percentage. My budget is working and I am confident that it will be mostly stable for the coming year. 10% is a stretch- this year I only donated 3%. So let’s see how it goes.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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