Still paring down

This year I got very close to a “capsule” wardrobe with only well fitted energizing clothes. In the kitchen, we use nearly everything. I have records I want to play and tools for hobbies I enjoy. The books still pose a question as they are purchased for the person I want to be (naturalist, bike mechanic, travel writer) not the person I am (amateur dog video fancier). 

Overall I am in a larger space (5 closets)than last year with less stuff. It means coming home is a relief. And the more you get rid of the easier it gets to clean and to let go. 

Nevertheless I enjoy visiting my father’s house and seeing all the relics he maintains, most of them forgotten by me until I visit. 

Minimalism is a rich persons hobby or maybe a ascetic exercise- you have to either believe you can replace whatever has been lost or that you can live without it. Maybe you can alternate.

In my father’s house there are objects imbued with supernatural properties, like the grandfather clock, ancestral portraits, coffin handles and manuscripts. Even the spices in the spice rack have had several owners.  My home is shallow, my objects have short simple stories. 


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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