How to have a sense of humor

Princess Leia

If you have to look it up, you probably need some professional assistance- check. The other basic suggestion is to laugh and smile at things that you think are funny. Which I thought was funny.

This blog and this writer would be improved by taking everything less seriously. The worst that can happen will definitely/has definitely already occurred so all this delicate phrasing and treating each sentence like a cover letter and each conversation like a televised matchmaking program (did I say too much?) is like putting lipstick on Caper. A total pain to execute as well as irrelevant.

I had been thinking about each famous person who has died this year as a loss of a connection with my mother (she was such a Prince fan!). But another way of looking at it is that I have felt closer to her this year than in previous years as I remembered her thoughts on all these people. Even the perpetual dumpster flame of the national election has reminded me that there is much going on that she would understand and have laughed about and fought against.

Carrie Fisher was my mother’s contemporary, and my mom really enjoyed Postcards from the Edge, if I am recalling correctly. Of course, I idolized Princess Leia, and slightly confused the two- still seeing photos of the young Fisher, I think she looks like my mom who had thick dark hair and loved to laugh (not infrequently at me). Let the memories help me to lighten up.

still so effing serious, all the time




Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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