Friday Motivation

In order to keep posting regularly here on my eight year old blog, I am casting about for a focus to my writing for 2017. I enjoyed my travel writing but I’m even more interested in staying close to home this year. I like posting book reviews which don’t really grade the book but help me keep track of what I’m reading and share with my friends what I like and learn. That is an evergreen series because I am always reading, and though I go through slower patches I always have some kind of book I can write about.

As a big fan of books where people do something for a year and write about it, I’m currently turning over different challenges in my head that might be fun and fit with how I want to spend my time.

  • Nature, specifically exploring local or state parks and taking lots of photos of flora, fauna, and stone walls- I’d still like to complete the Appalachian Trail through New Jersey and write about that, I’d like to volunteer in Marine Park and write about that
  • Cooking, always fun to learn new cuisine and techniques from comfort of your own kitchen
  • Clothing, I am building up a wardrobe of things I made myself very slowly
  • Birds/Trees
  • Music
  • that’s probably enough hobbies for now.

Mulling it over the next few weeks. There are a few things I don’t care about that I’ve identified:

  • Making money from the blog
  • finding a niche and mining it for fame
  • using this to highlight my career in anyway

So, knowing what I don’t want is a start. I do think I will probably write a non-fiction book in the next few years and this is a great place to work out ideas and practice for that.

Happy Friday!



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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