Artwork by Carina Grenham

We are fermenting down here in the city, making kimchi, beer, sourdough and more. Joined the local CSA and our first veggies will come in from Long island my birthday weekend. I will pick up a Western Massachusetts grain share when we visit in March to taste the first running of that unique real food, maple syrup. 

There are all kinds of homesteads and the one I grew up in relied heavily on our neighbors, it was by no means self sufficient or off grid. Despite my lack of land nearby, we are quite able to live closer to the earth right here in Brooklyn. 

I feel deep relief when I consider where I am to be my home instead of temporary. Last night we went to a fireside chat in Prospect Park on homelessness in NYC at the Lefferts House with a chilly bonfire and mulled wine, while some of our neighbors rallied at JFK to defend refugees looking for their home. Right now digging in feels like the best possible choice.

Nick made kimchi it is so good


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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