Hyggelit overload

Just read another book on hygge and can definitively say that Americans desperate for “coziness” are in fact yearning for the well-being provided by the Scandinavian welfare states. Candles are great, but paid parental leave is what elevates the Danish lifestyle. A rational tax structure, health care and education for all, a humane approach to addiction and homelessness and immigration. 

That’s hygge. Add tea, glogg, blankets, design and flattering lighting and we would all be happy. 

Unfortunately we don’t know how to fight for the equitable distribution of wealth so we approach our needs as consumers. All the elderflowers and reindeer skins in the world will not solve this problem. 

Books read:

  • The Nordic Theory of Everything
  • The book of hygge
  • The little book of hygge
  • The year of living Danishly
  • How to hygge
  • The story of crime series by Maj Sjowell and Per Wahloo 

Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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