Great Egret

the pond was still as a mirror

Two great blue herons and this great egret were hanging out in the lake. My viewing spot was suggested as one of the best for early morning viewing in the Brooklyn Bird Club newsletter for April. It feels a bit exposed to me, with many dogs, bikes, metal detectorists and others close by, but since that didn’t bother the birds, I’ll get over it.

I can think of no greater intellectual pleasure than a new inexhaustibly complex hobby- the challenge of learning new vocab, training eyes and ears, new tools, so many specialist books and websites to study. Over a few years the knowledge set and way of looking becomes a part of me, changing fundamentally the way I live in the world.

My last long term research project was money/investing. I’m glad I conducted it, but nature is way more interesting and conveniently infinite. I was excited this morning making my lists of new to me birds (pied bill grebe! I did not know that was a thing) and then I had a moment where I was worrying about running out of new birds and not feeling this thrill. But then I remembered all the other things I don’t know basically anything about: trees, weeds, mushrooms, insects, frogs, rocks, etc. etc. etc. This will take a while. And the lab is within walking distance on every Sunday morning.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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