Living Bird Magazine

Kirtland’s Warbler- cover bird

New hobby means a new periodical. Living Bird is published quarterly by Cornell Ornithological Society and true to its name is focused on birds in all their variety and keeping them alive. The content gives me much to consider. New travel ideas (not necessary,) new equipment (also not necessary,) new friends (probably needed for those 4AM twitches,) new vocabulary. 

So far in June and July I have taken a casual approach to nature study, getting into the park every day but not camped out in one spot, tracking nestlings or studying bird song. I like the idea of a slow romance that leaves plenty to learn each season  I am not cramming for a self imposed test. 

Last night the Brooklyn Botanic Garden stayed open until 8:30 for picnicking. Swallows swooped over the ponds and fountains and lightning bugs were just beginning to rise under the cherry trees as I made my way home.

There are so many ways of being. Happily, unlike the Kirtland’s warbler who can only nest in immature jack pine between one and four meters tall, I am adapting far from my home forest. Thanks to the trees. 


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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