Project decision: Writing about Reading

a spring nest

Siena has been my friend since my birth so of course she pointed out what should have been obvious: that the best winter subject for me is writing about reading. Since getting rid of my smartphone, I’ve read dozens of books for young readers, putting my commute to good use. In the past I’ve kept a strict line between work reading and writing and home reading and this blog was for my personal reading. But that seems silly now, so I’m going to write about the books I’m already reading this winter. I can illustrate my book reviews with nice unrelated nature photos.

My Fall reading project proved that my smartphone use was indisputably stealing time from the things I would like to be part of my life. Being well and widely read is not only an interest of mine it is a job requirement and I needed to focus. I picked up the 2015 NYPL 100 Best Books for children and got to work. With only eight books left to read from the list, I can report that I feel smarter, better connected, more grounded and in awe of my colleagues who read hundred more titles to find the best ones.

This winter I intend to read the fifty Best Books for Teens 2017. I’ll review the ones that spark some thoughts here.