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Emily L. Nichols is a writer and librarian. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate of Smith College in Northampton and Queens College in New York, she has written for The Desk Set and Edible Queens.

My fictional role model is the Orangutan who runs the Library at Unseen University in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. A wizard who was transformed by a stray bit of magic, he refuses to be changed back. I admire his strength, agility and good judgment — he can locate and wrestle the unruly books from shelves in any dimension, but knows when it’s a good day to sit under his desk and eat a banana.- quoted on flavorwire


3 thoughts on “the author”

  1. Emily,

    I can’t believe I just happened upon your site.

    Don’t know if you will remember me……worked with your Mom at Mohawk…I was Supt’s secretary……That was sooooo long ago…..

    Nice to read about what you are doing…….


    Terry Cassidy

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your GD posters. I am an employee of GD and I own 2 of the posters myself. I would love toown more someday. If you are ever interested in selling them, let me know.

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