Rainy Evening at the Garden


My garden in Brooklyn- you can’t quite see the roses in this photo but I could smell them. Rainy rose. The member’s cocktail picnic was mostly rained out, leaving the views for me.


June roses

A picture of a blooming rose bush and the stone garden fence
Bryant Park

Ten ideas

  1. A book about a book blurb someone else made up
  2. A book about birds
  3. A dress made when I need a break from writing
  4. A mystery
  5. A romance
  6. A hard science thriller
  7. A memoir
  8. An imaginary biography
  9. A short chapbook of new poems
  10. A hand printed illustrated book about leaves

Green thumb conference 2015, the Bronx

Have I told you how I feel about the Bronx? I am smitten. So I signed up for the annual community gardening conference and strong armed my lifelong friend Siena into accompanying me. This was a bit nuts due to a) Saturday, b)all I do all week is sit in meetings and attend conferences and summits, c)we got four inches of snow last night.